Best martial arts for self defence

Violence ought to be avoided as far as you can, but not at any cost. Unlike you and I, there are poor people in the world, and sometimes violence is inevitable.

As a result of this, among the most important abilities a person can possess is your ability to shield himself and his loved ones by an attacker.

You will find hundreds if not tens of thousands of martial arts styles out there but I’ve compiled a listing of the very best of their best. Knowing any among these (especially #1) can turn your body into a veritable weapon.

While I believe #1 (in the bottom of the page) are the best martial arts fashion for self defense, maybe not each martial art is for everybody.

Here would be the top martial arts fashion for self defense:

7. Jujutsu

Country of Origin:

Also Known As:


Many of the popular martial arts styles such as Judo, Aikido and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, are derivatives of Jujutsu.

It has been so influential on contemporary martial arts a listing of the best styles probably would not exist without it.

This ancient martial art was designed by both the Japanese and educated among the most fighting methods of samurais.

The samurai were mortal with weapons, such as the bow and sword, but when they had been disarmed, they had a means to shield themselves. Jujutsu was designed to aid these ferocious warriors when they found themselves with no weapon.

In English, Jujutsu contrasts into the”art of softness”. While its English translation might not strike fear into the hearts of the competitors, Jujutsu’s strong and productive moves will.

Jujutsu is among the best martial arts in the world since it utilizes your attacker’s aggressiveness, as well as the momentum that accompanies this aggressiveness, contrary to them.

Once attacked, a Jujutsu fighter will divert their attacker’s momentum and energy in a manner they favor. This redirection leaves the assault useless and frequently provides the Jujutsu fighter an chance for a counter strike.

The vast majority of Jujutsu’s motions are throws and joint locks (employing breaking pressure into a joint such as an elbow or knee). Both used in conjunction are exactly what make Jujutsu this powerful and lethal martial arts fashion.

Since Jujutsu was designed for disarmed samurai, it is a very effective martial arts fashion against both armed and unarmed attackers.

It’s simple to tell when a fighter completes a throw. It is a bit more challenging to find that among the fighters gets the opposite in a joint lock.

You will understand a fighter is at a joint lock once you see them fast hitting the floor, or their competitor, using a open hand. This is called tapping. If one of those fighters”taps” it usually means that they have give up.


Country of Origin:


Within the past 5,000 decades, Taekwondo and Korea have concurrently developed.

There were originally nine kwans (colleges or dojos) of Taekwondo which were recognized from the Korean Government. Every kwan had their own special style of Taekwondo.

Back in 1955, the two kwans combined to form 1 kwan which generated the design of Taekwondo which is commonly taught now.

In martial arts films, if you see rapid and large spinning kicks, odds are the fighter is utilizing Taekwondo.

These high kicks are what create Taekwondo this effective form of martial arts.

As soon as it’s often characterized by its own kicks, Taekwondo really equates (albeit loosely) into”the way of the hand and fist” (Tae way ft, Kwon means fist, and Do means the way or subject ).

Taekwondo is the only martial arts style, on this record, which is an Olympic game.

Krav Maga

Country of Origin:


Krav Maga, Hebrew for touch battle, is easily among the most effective martial arts for self defense on earth.

The martial arts style was made by Imi Lichtenfeld, a world famous wrestler, boxer and gymnast.

From the mid-1930’s, anti-Semitic classes are common in many regions of Czechoslovakia. These bands terrorized the Jewish community which Lichtenfeld was part of.

To guard his family and friends, Lichtenfeld assembled a bunch of young vigilantes to patrol the roads and defend the Jewish communities by the anti-Semitic thugs.

Krav Maga was created from street fights and conflicts, between Lichtenfeld’s set of vigilantes and the anti-Semitic thugs.

Krav Maga was made to rapidly neutralize risks.

The motions are not flashy; they are simple and frequently dirty. I have heard many times”if it looks good, it’s probably not Krav Maga.”

There are 3 pillars of Krav Maga:

Neutralize the danger. This is the principal objective of this Krav Maga and could be understood in all its fundamentals.
Simultaneous shield and assault. Unlike many martial arts styles, Krav Maga’s defense and attack are intertwined. Rather than blocking until there’s an chance to assault, you obstruct in a manner that opens the chance for a counter strike.
Attack your body’s vulnerabilities. Krav Maga’s strikes target the body’s vulnerabilities like the eyes, face, neck, throat, groin and palms.
As you can see from #3 above, fighting manners is nonexistent with this lethal fighting style. It is created for life and death situations and puts survival over play.

This powerful martial arts style would be the official combative method of the Israeli Defense Forces (the military of Israel also referred to as the IDF).


Counry of Origin:


This extremely powerful martial arts style was made by Morihei Ueshiba.

In lots of ways, Aikido isn’t a traditional martial art. By way of instance, Aikido fighters think about the security and well-being of the attacker as far as they perform their very own. As opposed to defeat their competition, an Aikido fighter’s objective is to locate a peaceful resolution.

Ueshiba was quoted,”To control aggression without inflicting injury is the Art of Peace.”

Aikido is also an extremely religious martial art. The term Aikido really means”the way of harmony of the spirit” (Ai means stability, Ki means soul or energy, and Do means route or the method of).

As a preface, Aikido is among the most complex of all of the distinct Japanese martial arts. If you are seeking to rapidly learn how to shield your self, try one of the reflexive martial arts styles such as Krav Maga.

It unites Jujutsu’s joint locks and throws together with the body movements of sword and spear fighting.

Also like Jujutsu, Aikido heavily integrates the idea of redirecting and controlling the power of an attacker. Aikido fighters utilize their competitor’s aggression and momentum to throw them away or leave their assault helpless.

The extra time to learn the method, and also the simple fact that the Aikido is a peaceful style, does not signify it isn’t among the most effective martial arts for self defense.

Wing Chun

Country of Origin:

Also Known As:
Ving Tsun


The background of Wing Chun is a mixture of legend and fact.

Most agree it was created from the 17th century as an offshoot of a few of the very complicated martial arts trends taught by Buddhist monks.

The very popular and commonly told tale of Wing Chun is the narrative of this Buddhist Nun, Ng Mui. It is said she made Wing Chun for a martial arts style that might be efficiently utilized no matter a individual’s size, weight or sex.

Mui developed a number of the moves depending on the motions of animals, especially that of the crane. The blend of these various moves permit the fighter to block and hit a whole lot more efficiently.

Part of this reason the aforementioned story is indeed commonly accepted is that it is the Exact Same story that has been advised by Ip Man, the Wing Chun Grandmaster and sifu (Chinese for instructor ) into the iconic Bruce Lee

Wing Chun fighters are a few of the most well rounded fighters on earth.

Balance is one of the bases of Wing Chun. Its fighter pride themselves on not being caught off balance or in a bad defense position.

Very similar to Krav Maga, they attack and shield concurrently and, unlike a lot of martial arts styles, are deadly at close selection.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Country of Origin:

Also Known As:
BJJ, Gracie Jiu Jitsu

“Human Chess”

Focus (Striking, Grappling or Mixed):

Famous/Notable Fighters:
Carlos Gracie, Helio Gracie, B.J. Penn, Joe Rogan, Chuck Norris, Paul Walker, Michael Clarke Duncan

History Of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Comparable to Aikido, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a adapted version of Jujutsu.

The founders and founders of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) would be the Gracie brothers Carlos and Helio. The 2 brothers located BJJ from Judo, that is a derivative of Jujutsu.

Many Judo moves prefer the more powerful and bigger fighter. Helio Gracie, the tiniest of his sisters, felt he was in a constant drawback to his bigger brothers.

From the frustration, he made the base of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. This brand new martial arts style enabled him to utilize leverage instead of brute power to restrain a struggle.

Largely because of the prevalence of specialist fighting, such as the UFC, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has exploded in popularity in the United States.

Why Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Is One Of The Best Martial Arts Styles
No listing of martial arts could be complete without Brazlian Jiu Jitsu.

BJJ is unquestionably among the best styles of martial arts from the world. Nearly all MMA and UFC fighters have coached broadly in BJJ.

The design teaches fighters to use leverage and proper weight reduction to conquer larger and/or stronger competitions.

BJJ is a mixture of takedowns, floor control, moves and submissions (in addition to guards to each).

The entries are what create the method mortal. Fighters learn a mixture of chokes, joint locks and cranks.

Chokes cut off a competitor’s air/oxygen provide, joint guards set add breaking strain on a joint (including the elbow or elbow ) and cranks turn a competitor’s bodies into abnormal positions (which induces a fantastic deal of pain). In the majority of BJJ studios and tournaments, cranks are depended upon or prohibited.

Muay Thai

Country of Origin:

Also Known As:
Thai Boxing

“The Art of Eight Limbs”

Focus (Striking, Grappling or Mixed):

Famous/Notable Fighters:
Tony Jaa, Buakaw Banchamek

History Of Muay Thai
Muay Thai is a Thai martial arts style also has extremely deep roots in the nation. The fighting style is Thailand’s national game and their cultural art.

Muay Thai undergone an almost Darwin-like development.

The deadly martial arts fashion has been passed down from soldiers and dads to the younger generation.

Since Thailand is entirely surrounded by other nations, the states was under continuous assault.

Out of the innumerable battles, the poorer fighters were murdered along with the powerful fighters lived. From this, just the very best Muay Thai has been passed down to another generation.

Through time, the deadly martial arts fashion became increasingly stronger.

Why Muay Thai Is One Of The Best Martial Arts Styles
Muay Thai isn’t just among the very best martial arts styles from the world, it is also among the very best martial arts for self defense.

The technique is intended to convert different components of your body to distinct widely used weapons of warfare.

The palms turn into daggers and swords; the elbows hit as a hammer or mace; the knees trim to be an axe, the thighs celebration as a staff along with also the shins and forearms shield the entire body such as a suit of armor.

In case you haven’t seen Ong Bak, I suggest that you stop reading this guide, neglect the rest of the duties and observe it.

The film has horrible acting and a dreadful story line however, due to the extraordinary Tony Jaa, it is among the greatest fighting films I’ve ever observed.

In Conclusion

Learning how to manage yourself in a concrete battle is among the most important skills you could have.

I advise that you try a couple of different martial arts styles prior to committing to one. Like I mentioned above, maybe not each martial art is for everybody.

Most studios will also offer you a complimentary course to time students so that you don’t have any excuse to not get out there and learn how to protect yourself and the ones you love!