Our Training Programs

We Provide Personal, Group and Corporate Training

Personal Training

Our Personal Training courses by specialist coaches offers highly personalised fitness, taekwondo, Karate and martial arts instruction combined with nourishment planning and with lasting aid to VIPs and customers from all walks of life. Our trainers are completely approachable, wonderfully inviting, and uncompromising in assisting you to find the results that you deserve. If you would like to know quickly or when you would like to feel just like fast-tracking your technical advancement beyond regularly scheduled courses, our personal session enables you to optimize your learning capacity in as brief span as possible with intensive training in taekwondo, mma, karate and self defense courses.

Group Training

In our team training courses, you will be motivated by coaching with fellow members that are entertaining,friendly, positive and dedicated. It’s in group classes in which you will learn how to guard yourself against several attackers and other real-life situations, making group coaching a must for many members.

Corporate Training for Employees

Many forward-thinking businesses aim to make sure that workers are mentally, emotionally and physically fit by providing workers with benefits like health programmes which have self defense, Karate and martial arts courses since they believe they’re investing in their future for a firm. We academy supply corporate coaching of for workers by providing them best training of martials arts within their own businesses in Hyderabad.