We Provide Personal, Group and Corporate Training


Personal or Xclusive Training

Our Personal Training classes by professional trainers offers highly personalised fitness, taekwondo,  Karate and martial arts training along with nutrition planning and with enduring support to VIPs and clients from all walks of life. Our personal trainers are utterly approachable, wonderfully encouraging, and uncompromising in helping you to get the results you deserve. If you want to learn fast or if you want to feel like fast-tracking your technical progress outside of regularly scheduled classes,  our private session helps  you to maximize your learning potential in as short period as possible with intensive training in taekwondo,  mma, karate and self defense classes.

Group Training

In our group training classes,  you’ll be inspired by training with fellow members who are fun,friendly, dedicated and positive. It is in group classes where you’ll learn to defend yourself against multiple attackers and other real life scenarios, making group training a must for all members.


Corporate Training for Employees

Many forward-thinking companies plan to ensure that employees are mentally, emotionally and physically healthy by providing employees with benefits like wellness programmes that include self defense,  Karate and martial arts classes as they feel they are investing in their own future as a company. We by our academy provide corporate training of for employees by giving them best coaching of martials arts in their companies in Hyderabad.